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After a very long wait, our new album "THE END OF IMMORTALITY"is out now!!!05/09/2015Sacrament have now found our new lead guitarist who is working very hard learning our set lists. On behalf of all of us, we would like to welcome Jodds. Pop over to our facebook for any recent news and vi videos are supporting Pantera UK, the UK's best Pantera tribute band on 10th May 2014 at The Boulevard in Wigan. Don't miss it!22/12/2013Sacrament are pleased to announce our new lead guitarist , Ian Paul. Ian is busy learning our set and will be out gigging with us next year.28/08/2013Sorry for the lack of updates, we have been very busy and as you will probably be aware we have had a couple of line up changes.Mike Skeech joined us as our new bassist after Matt's departure and our lead guitarist Steve Kay has just left, so we are currently auditioning for his replacement. Watch this space for more updates.after our drummer Jake Daly leaving us to join Osiris we have now found a replacement drummer Mike Holland!The CD is available to buy now on this website!! In The Eyes Of Creation now available on amazon mp3 for just £4.99!!!The album is now ready to buy at itunes!! Click on any of the album covers for the link or type !!The album is finally completed! All the tracks are available to listen to on the media player on this site!! They will be ready for download from itunes within a few days! I will post a link once they are available!The hard copy CD will available in a couple of weeks time as we are waiting for them to come back from the printer and duplicator etc!The album is finally on the cusp of completion! Just a few minor things to sort out and it will be ready for release! We will be selling it by CD at gigs and also hopefully wil be selling it digitally too.There are a few tracks on here to check out to give you an idea of what to expext.Just a little more vocals and some bass tracks to do and the album is fully recorded. Mixing and mastering has begun on a few tracks and the album is getting closer to finished. Watch this spaece for some more updates.We have now nearly finished recording the album and it will be available to buy in the new year. Just long and hard process of mixing and mastering to go!!Sacrament start writing for 1st album!! We're currently writing a bunch of new songs which will be recorded very soon for an album. We will be recording at Ladsroom Studios and new tracks include - Escape, Madness Reincarnate, Condemned, Cut the Wire and Iron Fortress.The songs on our cover demo are now available to listen to via this website! Just click on the music link and have a listen!!We are currently trying to put together as many gigs as we possibly can to get our name known around a few towns and hopefully then start heading for bigger things!We have been currently recording some cover songs to get sent out to pubs and clubs, etc to increase the amount of gigs we are playing. Tracks included are Highway Star by Deep Purple and Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy. Once completed they will be available to listen to on the website.We are also going to be going into the studio as soon as we can to get a 2 or 3 song demo recorded which will be available through the website. Tracks included will be Death Interupted and Building Fury. More news will be posted on a regular basis.